We offer a wide range of respite options and modern, resort style accommodation across a number of stunning farm locations. Our respite environment will exceed your expectations. Come and inspect our high-quality respite services today!

• Animal encounters and farm vehicle rides
• Growing and harvesting seasonal herbs, fruit and vegetables
• Swimming and watersports
• Nature and bushwalks
• Gym and playground activities
• Computer gaming
• Manual Arts
• Life skills development
• Fishing and crabbing

Emergency Respite Placement and Transitions

We offer emergency placement in times of need and provide short-term relief for families when referred from the Department of Communities:

  • Child Safety
  • Disability Services

We work hard with the people we support to reduce challenging behaviour and create smooth transition back to the home environment, or if required, prepare our service users for independent living.

Day Service

Whether you are looking for group programs or tailor-made individual support, our day service can help. We provide wonderful, fun and varied experiences and we’re always open to new ideas. Our philosophy is, if you can dream it, we can help you achieve it.

• Volunteer programs
• Working groups
• Animal encounters and experiences
• Horticultural, farm and fishing activities
• Life skills and development
• Fitness and gym groups
• Group and individual excursions

Behaviour support

Lifestyle Supports provides an ideal environment to support learning and the development of goals and aspirations. Every person aims for an improved quality of life and this is the essence of positive behaviour support.

Lifestyle Supports is experienced in providing positive behaviour support. We seek to understand what is going on for the person. Then, we then work with the person, their family and external stakeholders, to develop more effective communication and behaviour strategies.

Lifestyle Supports can also provide in-home assessments by industry leading professionals to identify factors that may be present which contribute to behaviours.

Our achievements speak for themselves, please contact us for a list of referees.